Workshops on Saturday


Instructor: Joseph Harmon

Saturday June 8th

10-12h & 14-16h

Joseph Harmon aka Indago Child originally comes from the USA and now lives near Karlsruhe. He performs as Indago Child and releases music.

How do you write a rap?

How do I find my style?

In my workshop we will write a text together, try out different flows on different topics and record the whole thing at the end. Beginners as well as advanced students are welcome.

Music Production with Ableton live

Instructor: Noé Serre

Saturday June 8th

13-18 Uhr

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

I am a rehearsal studio manager, I like rap, stoner and DIY.

Who or what is your favourite musician, singer, band or concert?

My favorite musician right now is a musician: oklou. My favorite singer is D'Angelo. My current band is 13block. And my favorite concert, I hesitate between the Pink Floyd live in Pompeii, or Booba at the Eurockéennes in 2018.

What can the participants expect from your workshop?

For the workshop, participants can expect to know the basics of the software, to continue to discover it comfortably at home, without encountering the instructions for use. Each participant will make a composition during the workshop lasting between 1 and 3 minutes.


Saturday June 8th

10-12h & 14-16h



Instructor: Peter Crosbie

Saturday June 8th

11-13h & 15-17h

We have a saying in English about creativity in general and songwriting in particular: success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. In other words, writing a successful song isn’t so much about the ideas, it’s about what you do with them.

This workshop is about just that: how can we can take our ideas and build them into successful songs. We’ll analyse some great songs, and see that from Nirvana to Elvis, from Green Day to The Beatles, the Kinks to Michael Jackson, underlying approaches to putting songs together are surprisingly similar. We’ll see how these approaches to form and structure provide a framework for your ideas, and explore the important role that the basic musical building blocks: chords, rhythm, arrangement, melody, even lyrics, play in song construction, and how all these elements work together.

In resumé, the workshop looks at the craft and technique of songwriting. As such, it’s applicable across a wide range of styles. It’s designed to give you tools and techniques to help build your ideas into great songs.


Saturday, June 8th

10-12h & 14-16h

Instructor: Christiano Matos



Christiano Matos is a Brazilian bass player, singer and songwriter. He was born in Curitiba in the South of Brazil where he discovered his interest in and his talent for music as a small child. His music is fresh, magical, special and hard to classify – a combination of musical elements from different countries and

cultures, such as India, Africa, Brazil, South and North America. He has already played with big names like Glauco Solter, Mauro Martins and Viviane de Farias. Currently he’s on tour with his new album “Hemisférios”

Interview with Christiano Matos

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

I’m a bass player, singer, songwriter and music producer. I was born in Brazil and that’s why I have a special connection to South American music. Currently, I’m on tour with my new album “Hemisférios” but I work a lot as music producer and band coach, too.

Who or what is your favourite musician, singer, band or concert?

The following artists have much influenced me: Richard Bona, Marcus Miller, Arthur Maia, Djavan, Jamie Cullum, Bob McFerrin, Brian McKnight, Bob Marley, etc..

What can the participants expect from your workshop?

Music in linguistic form for bass players. Function, interpretation, general bass techniques, groove and ear training, improvisation and composing for bass players.

Workshops on sunday

Stage Performance

Instructor: Philipp Stavenhagen

Sunday June 9th

10-16 Uhr (includes lunchtime 12-14h)

Philipp Stavenhagen is actor and psychologist; he works as trainer and coach. He studied dramatic arts in Berlin and completed training in the Michael-Tschechow-Method. For more than 10 years, he has been playing in the free group “Die Koralle” (the coral). With his work, he combines two sides of the same coin: developing the mental power of an actor and training the body as a medium to capture emotions.

In the workshop STAGE PERFORMANCE, the focus will be on the actor’s presence on stage and his authentic emotional expression. We will work systematically with the three instruments of an actor: body, emotion and voice. We will examine our own success factors and/or obstacles when performing on stage and check how to improve our stage performance.


Please bring some comfortable clothes for moving around 

Jam Session

Instructor: Nicolai Dörr

Sunday June 9th, 14-16h


Instructor: Lucile Bauer

Sunday June 9th


What are you doing in the music business / in your life?
I am a singer, songwriter/composer/performer and producer under the name of elbi. I am also a vocal and stage coach, and work a lot on movement, the body, and creative blockages. I am half time in a large Parisian concert hall after seeing an Msc in International event and festival management.
Your musician/singer/bandsinger/group/favorite concert?
Best concert - the English artist Sampha...
What can your workshop participants expect?
Images and tools to free and find your voice and find different ways to use it. Use resonators, body mechanics and emotions to sing.


Sunday June 9th


Instructor: Gerhard Kreuz


Seit seinem 19. Lebensjahr ist Gerhard Kreuz als Vollprofi in diversen Bands und Orchestern in allen Musikgenres unterwegs. Seine Unterrichtstätigkeit erstreckt sich über 30 Jahre an verschiedenen Musikschulen des Landes. Eine seiner großen Vorlieben gilt den außereuropäischen Musikkulturen (Afrika Südamerika Asien ect.), deren Einflüsse sich in seinem Spiel wiederspiegeln. Die Themen des Workshops orientieren sich in erster Linie nach den Interessen der Teilnehmer. Improvisation, Stilistik, Koordination, Stickcontrol, Besentechnik, Chartreading, Percussion, Drumlicks ect. alles ist möglich.... Bei guter Wetterlage kann ein Teil des Workshops auch im Freien stattfinden.

Label Management / Networking

Instructor: Julien Hohl

Sunday June 9th


What are you doing in the music business / in your life? I am in charge of the French label Deaf Rock Records and manager of the labels La Coda and Cold Fame. I am also an artist manager for the bands Last Train and Dirty Deep. My job is to produce records and organize tours all over the world.
Your favorite musician/singer/band/group/concert? I'm the first Blink 182 fan, it's my life.
 What can your workshop participants expect? I will explain to the participants how a label works but also how to protect its music, prepare a recording and build a network in the field of music.