Sunday June 4th

Instructor: Cary T. Brown

Workshop description: Songwriting and improving vocals in English


The participants will get to know the different aspects and steps in the creation process of a song. In addition, difficulties in pronunciation and diction will be identified in order to improve one’s English in a music context.


Analysis of a “hit” of each participant. This also gives the opportunity to correct potential translation or interpretation mistakes.

 · Analysis of a song’s structure. Work on participants’ pronunciation

 · Conception and development of an idea, a common thread. Workshop on writing in English

 · Identify the artistic dimensions of a song: language, tempo, orchestration, etc.

 · Working on the different stages of song creation: Worktape, demo version, studio record, production. Short introduction to copyright: SACEM, ASCAP


Individual or team work depending on participants’ levels and needs. With the help of my advices and by practicing, you can develop an autonomous way of writing.

 Target group: Composers and songwriters, all music genres. Main emphasis on popular music. Existing repertoire of compositions (texts, outlines, demo versions) or willingness to learn how to be an author or composer

Interview with Cary T. Brown


What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

 Singer, songwriter and composer. First and foremost, I am a singer but I sometimes also play the guitar and the harmonica.


 Who or what is your favorite musician, singer, band or concert?

 That’s a difficult question, here’s a choice: Marty Robbins, a 50s tex-mex singer, Sarah McLachlan, a fabulous singer, songwriter and composer, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, INXS, Kings Of Leon, Queen, Hank Williams Jr., Hank III, Tom T. Hall, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson...


What can the participants expect from your workshop?

I want to transmit my passion for songwriting and composing. I also want to help the participants to understand that writing and composing songs is something you have to work on and that can be improved through practice.

Music arrangement

Saturday, June 3rd

Instructor: Edith Metzner

Studies : Musical theory

Classes: Piano at a music school in Dresden and musical theory at the university; since 2007 professor for musical theory in Karlsruhe


  • Milhouse (a funk/soul cover band)
  • Jazztourist (the name says it all: a jazz band)
  • Pomp & Zwielicht (my current band. We cover songs in the broadest sense)

Additionally: small compositions and arrangements, film music for a short film


Interview mit Edith Metzner

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

I studied piano for some semesters before changing to musical theory. The piano has always been at my side: most of the time with classical music, but also in different bands. Currently, I work as professor for musical theory at the conservatory in Karlsruhe and I play in a rather alternative cover band.


 Who or what is your favourite musician, singer, band or concert?

Here's a selection of great concerts:

  • Mahler’s 2nd symphony in Paris opera. It was incredible
  • “Die ärzte” on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden. Anincredible energy between the band and the audience
  • Helge Schneider in Berlin. A good jazz concert which made me laugh till I cried.

What can the participants expect from your workshop?

Bring your own music. Are there any passages you’ve always wanted to play but you can’t really hear it? We play the instruments together and work on your favourite solos.


Vocals, Songwriting, Production, Arrangement

Sunday, June 4th

Instructor: Ziggy Has Ardeur

Ziggy Has Ardeur (*1983, Villach, Austria) is a singer, songwriter and producer, living in Mannheim, Germany since 2004. From 2004-2013 he released two LPs and a pack of EPs with his nationally and internationally renowned art-rock band MBWTEYP, and played hundreds of shows between Budapest and Toronto, Paris and Vilnius. The charismatic original and his band mates, all into DIY, were known for unique performances, voluminous productions, extraordinary outfits and an expressive voice. Since 2011, Ziggy has been writing and producing extravagant fashion soundtracks every six months for Munich fashion designer Irene Luft and her shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin and New York, next to remixes and soundtracks for all kind of artists and movies. Ziggy is increasingly influenced by analogue synthesizers, electronica composing and sound design, constantly searching for new & unheard sounds. He reappeared on stage as an audio-visual electronica act in 2013. In 2015 he started working with his former bassist and filmmaker Donni Schoenemond, founding the promising indietronica duo CUCUC. In 2016 he was chosen to curate and produce the international and genre-crossing project "Mix The City" ( by British Council for Mannheim (UNESCO CITY OF MUSIC). The result and its creator were selected by Tagesschau, the most watched news program on German television.



Instructor: Michael Rüber

Interview with Michael Rüber

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

Tours with the musical HAIR, Rocky Horror Picture Show, guitar player in the Pete York Bigband, bandleader and musical director of Marla Glen, 10 years on tour with “the Queen of the mellow Blues Marsha Grant”, stage music, composing and arrangements


Who or what is your favourite musician, singer, band or concert?

Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carlton, Duane Allman, Pat Metheney, John Scofield and many more


What can the participants expect from your workshop?

Topics of the workshop will be: chord/scales – relations, improvising, technique, melodics and anything that is interesting for the participants and that I can do. 



Sunday, June 4th

Instructor: Christiano Matos



Christiano Matos is a Brazilian bass player, singer and songwriter. He was born in Curitiba in the South of Brazil where he discovered his interest in and his talent for music as a small child. His music is fresh, magical, special and hard to classify – a combination of musical elements from different countries and

cultures, such as India, Africa, Brazil, South and North America. He has already played with big names like Glauco Solter, Mauro Martins and Viviane de Farias. Currently he’s on tour with his new album “Hemisférios”


Interview with Christiano Matos

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

I’m a bass player, singer, songwriter and music producer. I was born in Brazil and that’s why I have a special connection to South American music. Currently, I’m on tour with my new album “Hemisférios” but I work a lot as music producer and band coach, too.


Who or what is your favourite musician, singer, band or concert?

The following artists have much influenced me: Richard Bona, Marcus Miller, Arthur Maia, Djavan, Jamie Cullum, Bob McFerrin, Brian McKnight, Bob Marley, etc..


What can the participants expect from your workshop?

Music in linguistic form for bass players. Function, interpretation, general bass techniques, groove and ear training, improvisation and composing for bass players. 




Instructor: Gerhard Kreuz



Saturday, June 3rd & Sunday, June 4th

Instructor: Sébastien Lebray


The workshop is about initiating the participants into the creation of electronic sounds with the synthesizer or improving their existing skills: What do the different buttons of the synthesizer do? How do they influence the sound? How to reproduce classical sounds and how to invent new ones? How to give enough depth to the sound so that it does not sound „cheap“?


The participants can either use the equipment I will provide (2 Clavia Nordstage, 2 microKorg, 1 Moog Mother 32, 1 computer with VST + master keyboard) or bring their own equipment. I also invite them to bring along electronic sound references they like to reproduce on an USB stick.


Interview with Deer Boy - Sébastien Lebray

What is your occupation in the music field/in life generally?

I am teaching contemporary music (especially computer music, keyboard accompaniment and history of electronic music) at Strasbourg University. As a keyboard or piano player, I was a member of different bands. Now I am composing and playing electro pop with my solo project DEER BOY.


Who or what is your favorite musician, singer, band or concert?



What can the participants expect from your workshop ?

My workshop is about sound synthesis which gives the participants the opportunity to learn how to create their own sounds and how to use the synthesizer up to its full potential. A bit of essential theory and a great portion of practical application and concrete examples.