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These were the bands of 2016:


The Juzed Ones

Stutensee GER

Alternative Rock'n Roll

Hybrid Heads, Karlsruhe GER

Hybrid Heads is a band of 4 guys who come from different parts of the world making us "Hybrid". The band started when Abhinav met Mert through facebook back in 2014. Fueled by the mutual love for Metal and Rock, they started writing songs and recorded a few demos. It became clear after those few songs that we had something worthwhile and wanted to show these songs to the public.

Karlsruhe GER

After more than three years sweaty handwork and first successful test drives, the guys from Captain SuperSport have finally found the right settings , in order to claim the maximum power driven from their Rock'n'Roll Big Block. Ready to leave with a related burnout the workshop and to make with full throttle, roaring V8 and screeching tires the streets unsafe and take out this year their self-titled debut to the starting line!

Founded in 2015...the ex-members of LUCKY TWIST got together and founded the new super group of rock n roll !!! KINGSAVAGE!!!
ass kicking...hard rocking...fastlane rushing...earth quaking...hip shaking... leg breaking...ROCK n ROLL!!!
here we go! beating the heart of rock...

...the king is dead, long live the king...

Since its foundation in January 2010, the four bender guys from Karlsruhe make their own music, a mix of rock, grunge and blues .

In December 2011, they released their live debut album " Of Ghosts and Travelers" that received great reviews . Staying truth in 2013 the Live Session Video with the name "The Tingo Session " and in 2014 two live recorded singles " 45 years" and "Blackened Sky " followed. The long awaited album "Bottom Line" was released in May 2015.

The air is pregnant. A rhythmic slapping bass by the producers, driven by the backbeat of drums. Your life in 4/4 time. State of emergency. Departure. Twisting. Feels like riding naked on unicorns to the south, but different - somehow more wet, drenched in sweat of the spirit of the funk. If you could puke rainbows, this is the perfect time. However a cold beer works. This is the time of your life! It's not quite as disco, but loud in any case, very loud - because you're Joey Voodoo. You are the last hero of the city.

Folk Yourself

Strasbourg, France



Bruchsal, Germany



Strasbourg, France

Rock Alternative

CYANTH is a small group following a doctrine called “cyanthology” based on the secret notes of the famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The power trio takes the audience through an initiatory journey. No one will remain unmoved by this new experience. The CYANTH universe is a limitless world gathering unusual characters whose behaviour is absurd to a fault.

"Endless Second" are five young musicians from Karlsruhe, Germany. They play together since 2013 and recieved several prices. For example, the first place at "Rastatt baRockt" and the audience award at the "New-Bands-Festival". In the beginning of 2016, they released their first EP named "Hide&Seek". They don't want to be fixed into a genre; "Something between rock, folk and pop. ...just everything what does make fun." But...they have their own sound! "Endless Second": a puppy piano, a gentle guitar, a bubbly bass and some driving drums.